Friday, June 4, 2010

Animal Communicator talks to the dogs

Dudley and Gracie had a visit with an animal communicator, Pam Baca of Animal Guidance.  It was interesting and they have seemed extra cuddly since their session.



Questions we asked

Q. why are our inside stairs hard for him to go up or down?
A. because he has to swing is front leg out, he needs the room.  (The communicator demonstrated just how he hooks that leg around without actually seeing him walk this way)
Q. what was her life like as a puppy mill dog?
A. it was hard.  it was a job to do without rest.  she was glad she had a warm coat.
Q. what was his old life like?
A. he never felt safe.  he lived with an older lady who was sick and he left to relieve her. he always felt like an after thought. He has waited for a home like this his whole life and he is honored and grateful.  He was very frightened being out on the streets and he was just 2 or 3 days away from “giving  up and checking out”.

Things they had to say to us

He was telling her something about salt.  Too much salt in his diet aggravates his thyroid.  I’m not sure how I figure that one out. She doesn’t like going to the vet.  She was ok with teeth cleaning the other day – but would rather we take care of it some other way.  (The communicator recommended sweet potato chews shaped to clean teeth – got some and she loves them.)
If it gets hard to walk, put me in a wagon as I still want to go. She likes short walks to get out and sniff but long walks make her hips hurt.
His thoughts are foggy and his peripheral vision sucks. She doesn’t like riding in the car.  She feels a little motion sick and needs fresh air coming in.
He asked for more cheese and large curd cottage cheese.  He likes things that are soft and creamy. Said she was a good mom and always taught her puppies to be polite and well-mannered.  Does not put up with rude dogs.
He said I stay up too late and “what you do for me, do for you”.  He wants me to learn reiki and says I’d be good at it.  He says I’d be cheating myself if I don’t explore this and I can massage his legs. She asked what she could do for us – I told her to just be happy. 

Words to us from the communicator

He has quite a dignity about him.  (a different long-distance communicator said he told them “Dudley is king”) Grace would like a young dog or puppy to look after and nurture.
He feels very loved.  He is humbled that we carry him up and down the stairs. On a soul level, we are really helping him. Gracie loves reaching out and touching with her paw – but only if she likes you.
He is trying to get as much out of this time as he can – he is making up for lost time. He never knew this kind of food and love existed. Needs lots of attention and wants to know where/when/how long you’ll be gone when you leave her.
To reassure him, visualize what you are doing or need him to do. Take her to Washington Park. There is something there for her.