Saturday, September 30, 2017

Introducing Blue

This is Blue.   He is a 7 year old (?), blue merle Sheltie.   He is quite the lover.  He comes from a backyard breeder via Rocky Mountain Collie Sheltie Rescue. As his photos show, he has a lot of personality and is fairly well adjusted.   We are his first house he has lived in but much less fearful than Indy.  I think boy breeder dogs have it easier than girl dogs.

Blue has a happy go-lucky face.  Indy still looks worried.

Trip to Bring Blue Home

The day (9/30/17) we went to pick up Blue was of course exciting and a bit complicated by a major highway shut down.   He was work the effort 😊    These are some favorite photos of our 1st days...

Whose this?

Are you sure this is the one we should get?

smiley boy

Wow dad, that's a big dog to live up to.  (park statue on the ride home)

Sleep arrangements for the 1st night.

OK, I think this place will work.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Indy is loving her summer

Our beautiful girl is enjoying the dog days of summer!

Especially the garden tomatoes!