Sunday, June 4, 2017

Feeding An Old Dog

Scout turned 14 in May.  He has been eating less - it seems like he forgets or loses his focus.  I was worried about him making it thru the month - but he continues on into July.    Over the year, he has lost about 10 pounds, which is a lot for a dog.  Other than his mobility issues and "doggie dementia", his blood work is good and he maintains a happy, interested attitude.

He pretty much gave up on his kibble, so I used a blender to grind the kibble into a "powder" and mixed that with some of his canned food.  That was successful for a while, but nothing is consistent for too long.  Much like being a caretaker for a human with dementia, patience and flexibility is required.  It varies from day to day what he will agree to eat.

My goal is to somehow include some dog food to try and keep a quality diet.   We've learned not to stress about when he eats.  2 out of the 4 times we offer his food, he will eat - so he is taking in calories and quality protein.  I wish it were more - but he only maintains his interest in eating for so long and then he wanders off.  Trying to tempting with more or different food is useless at that point. I will change up where we put his bowl and I will include treats with his dish.   That can help entice him.

This is one of his favorite flavors but I have 4 or 5 others on hand for when he loses interest in this one.   Science Diet ID Chicken Stew has also proven interesting to him.

Sometimes, he wants an Arbys roast beef sandwich (hold the bun) or a Firehouse Turkey & Cheese sub (minus the bun)

We are doing whatever it takes to help him eat for as long as he wants to be around on this planet.   Sometimes that means feeding him by hand.