Thursday, April 16, 2015

Current Reaction to Being Approached for Petting

This is Indy's current reaction to being approached for petting.   I am going to get some lessons from Tender Hands Animal Training.  They use the Tellington Touch (TTouch) method and I am excited to see how this can help Indigo (and Scout) to be more confident dogs.

In the past, when Gracie, Dudley, and Scout boarded at Tails Up, we signed them up for a TTouch massage while we were away.  The kennel always reported about how relaxed they were after a session.   I didn't know much about the science behind it - but started looking for something to help Indigo.  I wanted to take her to a class as Gracie had done but she is too timid at this point.  It would be too much for her.   I am confident that this TTouch experience will give us both a solid starting point that we can move forward from to greater things.

The inventor of the TTouch method studied under Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais.  The Feldenkrais modality is a component of Nia - my favorite form of exercise.  I love when "coincidental" connections like that happen.