Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week Two - Basic Obedience

I am so impressed with Indy's progress at home.  The classroom however, was overwhelming.   I am hopeful that over the course of the 6 weeks, she can gain some confidence and participate with the class.  It is rather noisy and there are both students and teachers - so that was a real challenge.

She gave me a couple of default behaviors to look up at me.  And she did a couple of sits - but then a large object fell in the class room. making a loud bang.  That shut her down.  She hid in  the corner and didn't even want treats.  The was disappointing - but I will let her process the experience and hope that next week, she may try again for a little longer.     She got right back with it at home.

She is able to learn at home.  If she isn't able to perform in the class - that's ok.   I just want her to have the experience.

Indy and Scout practice at home.

Indy retreats to a safe corner in the classroom.