Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting to Know Dudley

On his first night here, Dudley let us know that he didn't intend to sleep alone in his x-pen. He barked until I moved him into Gracie's space. He settled right into her bed and she looked at me like, "mommmm!, he's touching my stuff". But it was 1am, so we didn't fuss about it and all was well. Stairs are a mystery to him but he knew right away that the good food came from the kitchen. He stands there as you prepare food with an alert look and cute smile on his fuzzy face, hoping to get a treat.
Gracie has been helping him learn the routine.  If he hesitates to come inside, she runs back outside next to him and then runs in as if to say, "here's how you do it - don't be afraid".  And it wasn't very long ago that she was afraid to come through the same door!
He has been with us a week and he does not come when called but he lets me carry him up & down the stairs and put his harness on for a walk or ride. In the car he puts his fuzzy face over the back seat and wishes he could jump up into the next seat. He cries a bit and I don't know if he is excited or anxious. Did he get left behind after a car ride? Is that why he cries? He likes going for walks. His stiff little legs propel him along. He and Gracie walk at about the same speed so I knew they'd be perfect together.



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