Friday, February 19, 2010

One Year Anniversary!

Gracie has lived with us for one year.  She has made a lot of progress in learning how to live in a house with people that love her.   This picture was taken onGracie-15 her first night in our house.  She jammed herself into the corner between the couch and chair to observe us.  She has relaxed considerably and I find her lying all over the house. 

She is now excited to see me when I come home and she looks for me when I go to different rooms.  She will wait by the front door for a very long time if I go outside.  It’s very satisfying  to know she wants human attention now.

I told her last night how glad we are
that PCSR gave her a new start and that she is our girl.  We were a bit worried after meeting her - this being our first experience with a dog so afraid of people - but we've never regretted it.  She teaches me so much about myself.  I have to cry when I hear the song from the Broadway musical, "Wicked" called, "For Good".  I think of Gracie and how we've both been changed for good.  I wonder if all the loving words I say to her are the same words God is saying to us - "don't be afraid... you are mine ... I love you so much..."

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