Friday, December 10, 2010

Fostering in the spirit of Christmas

Holly and Noel have joined our family as foster dogs.  They are littermates, rescued from a dog auction in Missouri by the National Mill Dog Rescue and Pueblo Collie / Sheltie Rescue.  
They are very sweet and Dudley and Gracie will get extra goodies from Santa for being so patient and willing to share with the rambunctious youngsters.
DecDogs 100
Never having lived in a house, everything is new and sometimes scary.  Stairs are a mystery and the TV is both fascinating and scary.  Dog treats don’t make sense unless they are really yummy – like chicken or turkey.  The dishwasher smells yummy and the reflective door makes us think there are more dogs just like us beyond the door.
They don’t bark much except when doing guard duty to alert us to the ringing phone, door bell, garage door opening or scary other people in the neighborhood beyond our fence.
Here's me coming home to 4 shelties - it's a fun fest.

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