Monday, May 23, 2011

One month with Shelly

 Shelly has lived with us for one month now. She is fitting in nicely and learning some manners like "sit". She is also seeing how much she can get away with. Tonight she professed her love for ham by trying to place her paws on the table since we were ignoring her pleading eyes.

She is very sweet and wants to be in whatever room we are in. I've yet to figure out how she wants to play. She's tried to engage me a few times but I don't understand the rules of her game. Maybe we'll have to talk to an animal communicator to see if it can be discerned. She has played with a tennis ball twice.

Here she is all groomed up with a bow.

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  1. oh, she looks so PRETTY! Lucky girl finally gets to be loved and show off her true potential!