Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nonregenarative Anemia

I had to take Gracie to the vet and then the dog emergency because she was weak and did not eat her breakfast. Her gums and tongue were pale.   Her red blood cell count had dropped to 12% which was dangerously low.  The diagnosis was made that she has nonregenarative anemia due to either the phenobarbital or her immune system attacking her red blood cells.  She received a blood transfusion and stabilized.   After her two day stay in the hospital, she is doing  better.  The doctors she saw felt it was more likely the seizure drug (phenobarbital) which would be the better diagnosis for us.

She is our amazing Gracie and we are very happy to have bought some more time with her. We are guardedly optimistic.

Resting and recovery.  The pink tongue is a good sign.

A slew of medicines to treat her.

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