Friday, March 27, 2015

Scout and Indy together

We were a little worried that Indy was asserting too much dominance with Scout.  He is a gentle soul and we didn't want to see him get pushed around.  Indy had been showing her teeth and trying to dominate him.  We aren't leaving them alone in the house together.  Indy stays in the office or bathroom and Scout can roam about.  But they do pretty well the majority of the time.  She seemed to have mellowed out a bit.   I'm not sure if she was jealous, jockeying for position, or just trying to be a herder.  She does seem to have a strong herding instinct.  In any event, we are pleased that they seem to be ok with each other.    Gracie and Scout used to sleep close together and Gracie was a very mellow dog and good partner for Scout.   With some time, I hope they will grow closer.

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