Monday, July 27, 2015

Week One - Basic Obedience

Indigo began a basic obedience class, offered by the Misha May Foundation.  This is a video of her 2nd practice session.  The first task is for her to look up at me and then I acknowledge and reward her when our eyes meet.   She starts out staring at my hand with the treat but she caught on pretty fast to look at me.  That's not easy for a puppy mill dog.   

More challenging for her is "sit".  She isn't trusting of me withholding the treat - but she managed to do a couple.   I need to learn to curb my enthusiasm to not scare her.  It was exciting to see her succeed.

Now we need to build upon these successes.

Next week, all the dogs will be in the classroom together.  They are all puppies.   I am hoping she will soak it all in and learn from them what she did not get in her puppy hood.  

I was impressed that she was not fearful being in a classroom with 6 people sitting around her for an hour.

This is practice #2 a couple of days later.  She is getting the hang of it.

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