Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Litany of Lasts...

We've come to the very difficult decision that we need to release Scout from our care back into the hands of his Creator.  And so with a very heavy heart we being the litany of lasts:

  • last massage to ease his muscles and arthritis
  • last Saturday walk at the rec. center
  • last awkward gallop across the wood floor to the backdoor to go outside
  • last dinner
  • last Bison pot roast leftovers
  • last before bed walk
  • last bedtime treats
  • last Pawbender icecream
  • last pills / medicine
  • last large head in my hands
  • last soft fur in my fingers
Rest now my pup.  Run on again with strong legs and a playful trot.  Enjoy all the smells and take your time.  There will be lots of wagging tails at the Rainbow Bridge.

You were a good boy Scout...  Rest in peace. You are home.

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