Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Rainbow Bridge is Real

It has been a month now that Blue left us for the rainbow bridge.

How quiet the house has been.   How bittersweet to see dog beds and bowls empty.  Of course we remember with a smile, all the times he used them, but now they are empty and tug at our heart. Your collar lies on the edge of your bed.

We know he is still around us.  He made that clear on the day of our anniversary.  We drove to the mountains but he must have came with us.   We think he left us in the week of our anniversary so we'd never forget him - as if we would.

The river running thru the town of our destination was the Blue River.   We took photos near the river sitting on a rock that was grey, white, and black like his fur.    We went to the Christmas store in town where Christmas music played in the background of the store.  About 1 minute into our shopping it struck us that the song had switched to play "Blue Christmas".    Of course we had to get a dog bone shaped ornament that we had personalized as "Blue Without You". 

As we finished up our anniversary dinner, I got a text that Blue's ashes were ready for pick up at the VRCC (emergency vet).  We nodded to each other that he'd want to be home to celebrate.

As we drove down from the mountains, a beautiful rainbow proceeded us and much to our delight, positioned itself over the VRCC sign and building.

OK buddy.   Thanks for showing us that indeed the rainbow bridge is real, our furkids stay with us, and you will always be only a fond thought away.

Rainbow over the building and sign of the emergency vet where we were last with Blue

Purple bag with Blue's belongings

Urn, paw print,fur clipping, and nose print of Blue

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