Friday, August 15, 2014

Cognitive dysfunction syndrome?

A little knowledge from the internet can be a dangerous thing - but we are wondering if Gracie also has "Cognitive dysfunction syndrome".  Over the past year or so she does occasionally exhibit these symptoms that goes along with what was once called "old dog syndrome".
  • goes to the wrong door or wrong side of the door to come in
  • stares into a wall
  • restless at night (although this improved once we stopped the potassium bromide)
  • tremors (seeing more of this occuring) 
I would like to avoid returning to the commonly prescribed anti-seizure medicine if possible so that we don't return to the strong debilitating side effects.  I will mention this to her vet and ask about choline.  I found this an interesting read,, which mentioned, "Patients have experienced good results with phosphatidylcholine, which works to stabilize brain cell membranes, and so reduce and prevent seizures, while also providing detoxification support for the liver. Phosphatidylcholine supplements are also used to prevent and treat another common neurological problem in pets—cognitive disorder (akin to Alzheimer’s in humans). "  The VCA offers  up this information, "Choline supplementation has been shown effective for treating cognitive disorders and seizures in both humans and laboratory animals. Recent studies support its effectiveness in treating cognitive disorders in dogs and cats."

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