Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reluctantly Adding in Phenobarbital

Looking back at August, we've seen the duration and severity of Gracie's seizures lessen.  On August 16th, we increased the CannaCompanion hemp from 2 capsules to 3 a day.
These are the days we saw seizure activity:

Date Description
08/02/14 Mild <  90 seconds
08/03/14 Mild < 90 seconds
08/06/14 9:40am - Mild <  90 seconds
10:00pm Mild < 90 seconds
11:30pm Mild < 90 seconds
08/12/14 Mild < 90 seconds
08/13/14 3:15am - Mild <  90 seconds
11pm - Mild <  90 seconds
08/18/14 about 3 min, paddling / air snapping 
08/24/14 about 2.5 min, paddling / air snapping

Although we were glad the severity is less and her recovery time is much improved, we weren't happy to have this many in one month.  We have chosen to add the most common anti-convulsant, Phenobarbital. Phenobarbital acts by decreasing the activity in the brain cells (neurons) that cause the seizures to occur.

Beginning 8/27, we are starting with the lowest dose possible (16.2mg) for her in the hopes of minimizing side effects in coordination and liver values.

The following videos illustrate the body tremors she has been having and her mobility after a stronger seizure on Aug 24th:


From this site, I have read
"When your dog or cat is first started on phenobarbital, you may notice that your pet is uncoordinated, unsteady on his feet or acts as though he is a bit intoxicated. This is a temporary effect and usually resolves as your dog or cat adjusts to the phenobarbital dosage. "

We will see what the month of September brings and hope she can remain my Amazing Gracie.

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