Monday, August 4, 2014

Documenting the Effects of Seizure Medicine for Grace

Back in April 2013, Gracie started us on a new journey when she had her first seizure.  We took a "wait and see" approach before starting her on medicine.  The medicine choices - either Potassium Bromide or Phenobarbitol - are not without side effects.

These are pre-medicine videos that shows a happy, friskie 13 year old Sheltie.

In July 2013, we opted to start her on Potassium Bromide and did the routine blood work every 3 months to see if we were in therapeutic range.  As time would pass and the occasional seizure happen, we would up the dosage. 

She stayed pretty happy and normal.

In early July of 2014, Gracie stayed happy but started having trouble walking.  At her worst, she needed assistance standing to eat or potty.

By mid-July, I was worried that we might have to euthanize Gracie.   She was still engaged with us and wanted attention and food - but she was becoming more lethargic and unable to get around.  Her sleep patterns flipped and she was up frequently during the night.  I didn't get the feeling that she was ready to give up but it was difficult to wrestle with her physical deterioration and what would be best.

With this photo, we knew we had nothing to lose in stopping her medicine.

Her vet and I agreed to stop her seizure medicine completely to see if it was the medicine that was to blame.  Her blood values have been checked every 3 months and she was always in the lower end of the therapeutic range of the potassium bromide but I'm glad we took this chance.

By day 4 without the medicine, she began to improve.

As the medicine left her system, she returned to her normal habits and interest in things.  I thought we had seen the last of some of her endearing traits, but they are back.

On day 8, she was doing really well with her walking. That's my amazing Gracie!

Now the question remains.... what do we do without the seizure medicine?

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