Monday, August 11, 2014

Canna Companion for Grace

Having heard how medical marijuana is helping kids with seizures here in Colorado, I did research on a similar product for Grace.

I was very impressed with the information I found on   I appreciate the scientific information and articles they provide to educate yourself.  The Cannabis product is developed, manufactured and sent by veterinarians.  Their site states, "Canna Companion is made with pharmaceutical and laboratory grade equipment and is in compliance with DEA and FDA cGMP recommendations, as they pertain to supplement manufacture for the strict purpose of oral administration to cats and dogs."

I ordered the capsules and my Vet asked that we wait at least a full week of her off the Potassium Bromide so we would know what the "best" she could be off the medicine.  I started adding it to her food on 8/2/2014.  The literature says to allow for 10 days for the hemp to get into her system - so we shall see what difference it makes after the 12th.  I am hopeful.

Contents of Capsule to be mixed with food.

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